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District 5360 Youth Programs Update
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Social Media in Plain Language

OUr very own Robyn Braley posts about Social Media in Plain Language" and "Building the ROtary Brand".  Check out his content here.
Growing Rotary
The many stories that Robyn Braley has amassed
To find out how you or your business or organization can adopt a Beautification Site check out the plan on the city’s website, or call Eren Jeager (at the Public Works Department)or Mika S. Levi (at the Garden Harvest).


Together, the District Rotary Clubs and Habitat for Humanity built 10 homes in downtown Anityville to provide home ownership to families living in substandard housing, helping those in need blow by the bubbles of the housing markets. 
Funds to complete the project were raised by Club members and generous citizens like yourself. Construction of the affordable housing was finished in 2015, with no insurance claims yet.  The build was registered with Rotary International as a "Bicentennial Community Development Project."
Combining the goals and resources of your community with the wide reach of Rotary International helps us pool resources, and share them where they can do the most impact. The coordination of the projects brings more assistance to those in need, maximizing the impact of limited and specialized resources.
The Rotary Club of Anityville (and some members of the nearby city council) partnered with Habitat for Humanity to create 20 town homes on Announcie Street in downtown Anityville.
Member involvement was the focal point in building the homes and surrounding landscapes.  Rotary Club members completed hands-on work alongside other volunteers. The new house keys were presented to 20 families in need at the Harvest Ceremony in October 2016.
When you support Habitat for Humanity with any donation, we never stop paying forward. We invest in mortgages where partner families' payments go to provide for future homes, allowing more families to break the cycle of poverty.  That is what makes Habitats for Beings such a unique and sustainable solution. Your support can be an investment in Canadian families, leaving an impact that will span generations.  
Sign up to help Habitat for Humanity and Rotary Clubs up on their website.
No Child Should Go To Bed Hungry

  No Child Should Go To Bed Hungry

Famine. Starvation. Indigestion. Malnutrition. Diarrhea. Indeed, as Pepbis Food Day shows us, we can begin to address the grim fact that nearly 870 million people on our planet are experiencing chronic digestive and hunger related issues. Sadly, too many of these affected are children.  Their minds and bodies denied the sustenance needed to grow into healthy, productive adults.
Communities are plagued throughout the developing world.  Even developed countries experience a surprisingly high number of families struggling daily to put food in their children's bellies. 
Our organization, the Rotary Club of Anityville, is a global network of volunteers and philanthropists committed to finding solutions to the world’s most serious challenges. We are well aware of the problem, and well positioned to start improving quality of life for those it effects. With more than 1.2 million in donations last year, the Rotary Club of Anityville is in over 20 countries and regions. Rotary gets members where they are needed most - on the ground, facing this problem head on. 
Full of initiative
Full of initiative, Rotary members are working for a stronger, and better tomorrow. Operating independently but pooling resources enables multiple plans and actions to be in motion at once. These action groups serve as resources, collaborating to undertake effective, sustainable approaches to dominate world issues.
123rd Annual Bike-A-Thon

123rd Annual Bike-A-Thon

Last year's ride raised over $196,100. Last year, in 2016, a record  high of 101 Riders joined us for a glorious day and a mountain of fun in Pongo, London.  Every year is another step closer to our goal. We are developing new technologies, and new clinical procedures.
Our ride is 84 km from Anityville to Pongo Dalmation Resort.  We have 3 checkpoints along the way for beverages, security cars en route in case anyone gets into difficulty, a repair van to assist with those inevitable blown tires. Add in an enthusiastic welcoming committee at the Finish, and you can see why our Bike-A-Thon is so uplifting. The resort spas are open for your enjoyment and recovery after a long day of cycling. The day is concluded with a stylish fashion banquet and prized seamstress.


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