As a celebration of Spring and the 10th Anniversary of the "New" Rotary Logo, let's all delete the old two-colour logo and never use it again!

The only approved Logo to be used for everything Rotary is the Gold Wheel with Blue Rotary.

When you delete the old logo, there will be lots of computer disk space for the new logo.

Click to see the new logo and download to your computer now!  And if you google search for "Rotary Logo," you will find lots of the old ones but pass them by and choose the new logo instead.

Rotary went through a re-branding about 10 years ago, as many companies do over their lifetimes.  If you've ever worked for companies like Shell or Petro-Canada or West Can Printing, they have all evolved and changed their look and logos. The old logos never resurface again.
Question: "I like to old logo. Can I still use it?"
Answer: No
Question: "I used whatever I found on the internet. Can I still use it?"
Answer: No
Question: The Wheel and Rotary is too large. Can I chop it up?"
Answer: No
The logo can't be altered in any way. The wheel and the wordmark must always appear together. Because the word “Rotary” is a wordmark and not a font, it can't be replaced with a font. Only the colours shown on this page may be used in the logo.

Happy Cleaning and Happy Spring!

Also, check out the Rotary Brand Center at