Posted by Gerry Darichuk on Jan 18, 2024

Back from the Ukraine

                                          BACK FROM UKRAINE
Calgary North Rotarian Gerry Darichuk has returned from Ukraine after spending 10 days closing a Disaster Grant Project sponsored by the Rotary Club of Calgary North in partnership with the Ukrainians of Calgary Association. The Grant from District 5360 and Club funds was used to deliver $38,000.00 in medical supplies to the field medical units in Ukraine. The medics appreciated the tourniquets and sterilized gauze pads they received. They liked the high-quality products we supplied compared to some of the East-purchased products they used.
An unexpected invite to visit medics at the front line was accepted. Having an opportunity to spend several days at the front line, living, eating, sharing their campy accommodations, and listening to their many stories was a unique experience.
Back in Kyiv, I attended pre-arranged meetings with several Rotarian PDGs and Club Presidents, which led to discussing the need for a substantial project. These discussions led to a request for a “Major Grant Program” to set up a Medical Rehabilitation Center.  There is a need for such a clinic to address the huge number of people suffering from amputations and traumatic limb injuries who need help to regain mobility and independence.
This project is being initiated by the Rotary Club of Kiev-Central and the Rotary Club of Calgary North. The project is expected to be very large and needs help from as many District 5360 Rotary Clubs as possible.
If your Club is interested in helping, please invite Gerry to address your Club.  Call Gerry at (403) 239-1718 to schedule a Ukraine Visit presentation.
Your assistance would be much appreciated.