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All volunteers interested in participating in District 5360 programs and activities for vulnerable persons, including Youth Service/Mentorship Programs working with youth and the vulnerable must have a valid and current Volunteer Screening, including Vulnerable Sector Screening.

This process protects the interests of everyone involved and creates and maintains a safe and respectful environment for all participants in Rotary programs, activities or events.

START a Volunteer Application  OR  Host Family Application

A. Click either of the above links to start a YEAH Profile
Record your username and password for future use.
All volunteer profiles are completed online through the YEAH Database portal by entering information via a secure web portal identified by "https" along with contact information for 3 references and completing the NAYEN Youth Protection Awareness Course via a link provided once you apply.
B. Have available email, phone number, and home address for three references.  These references will be contacted by email to complete an easy and quick reference questionnaire about you. Only one reference can be a Rotarian.
In "Part 2 of 7, Employment History" If you are currently a Student with no employment history, enter "Student" and the Education Institution and click "Submit page and Continue". If you are currently Retired, enter this in the "Current Employer" field and complete the "Previous Employer" if applicable. 
For Host Family Applications: Family Members who live in the house, who are 18 years+, must each provide a personal email address in order to complete the Youth Protection Awareness Training.
C.  ELECTRONICALLY SIGN your application with your Date of Birth and Full Name to confirm the information is accurate and to proceed with the process. This will ensure your application is completed and the next steps will commence automatically.

 OBTAIN Police Record Check

For Calgary Police Service:
A. Download and complete this Volunteer Letter; save as a PDF on your computer. Have the completed letter accessible to upload to CPS ePIC website.
B. Click Here to Perform a Personal Information Check through Calgary Police Service
Record your username and password for future use. 
Once your check has been completed, you will receive an email notification. Log into your account at any time to see if your application is still processing or if it has been completed. You can also see what day the Police Information Check Unit is ‘Processing Submissions Received On’…by viewing the top of the web page: https://policeinformationcheck.calgarypolice.ca/
C. Share the Results with "Rotary International District 5360" when Calgary Police Service emails that your results are available.
For all other law enforcement agencies:
A. Download and complete this Volunteer Letter.
C. Take the letter with you to RCMP or Police Service Offices to complete an Information Check.
When a report has been Obtained, EMAIL A PDF of the document to the District Office
**NOTE: NOT ALL background checks completed for free of charge. As per Volunteer Alberta - Volunteer Screening Program policy,  identified positions receive free background checks, other General Volunteer positions are completed at a reduced cost to the applicant.
***NOTE: Once received, the Police Information Check is valid for three years. The YEAH Database system will automatically prompt you to update your PIC prior to the expiration date.

COMPLETE the Youth Protection Awareness Course

A. The course link will be emailed from the YEAH portal and is specific to each applicant or family member. Check your spam mail folder for it as well. 
B. When you have obtained a passing grade, the system should automatically record the results in your profile within the YEAH database.
C. Keep the system email regarding your results for your records.
**NOTE: Once passed, the training course is good for three years. The YEAH Database system will automatically prompt you to update your training prior to the expiration date. The YEAH Database will automatically inform Volunteers via email when any part of their information requires updating.

When all steps are completed, you are eligible to volunteer
for Rotary Youth and Vulnerable Sector Programs!

District 5360 Protection Policy

Rotary International District 5360 Adheres to Policy set forth by Rotary International and the Canadian Government by creating its own Protection Policy which District Clubs are to adopt in its entirety.

Statement of Conduct for Working with Youth/Vulnerable Sector

Rotary International is committed to creating and maintaining the safest possible environment for all who participate in Rotary activities. It is the duty of all Rotarians, Rotarians’ spouses and partners and other volunteers to safeguard to the best of their ability the welfare of, and to prevent the physical, sexual, or emotional abuse of, children and young people and vulnerable persons with whom they come into contact.


Any adult involved with any of Rotary’s Programs (Youth Exchange, RYLA, RYPEN, Interact, Stay in School, etc.) and Mentor Programs, who have direct interactions, either supervised or unsupervised, with youth/vulnerable sector is considered a volunteer. Volunteers include, among others, Club and District Youth Service Officers and committee members, Youth Exchange Counsellors, Rotarians and non-Rotarians and their spouses and partners who host youth/vulnerable sector persons for activities or outings or who might transport same to events or functions; and host parents and other residents over 15 years of age of the host home, including siblings and other family members.
All volunteers interested in participating in District 5360 programs and activities for vulnerable persons, including Youth Service/Mentorship Programs working with youth and the vulnerable must have a valid and current Volunteer Screening, including Vulnerable Sector Screening.
District 5360 has resolved that all Police Security Clearances will be valid for a period of three (3) years. Volunteers with valid Volunteer Screening issued prior to this calendar year minus 3 years must re-apply should they wish to continue to participate in District 5360’s Youth Service and Mentorship Programs.
As well, all volunteers should complete the Youth Protection Training the link provided through YEAH and the results of which are automatically recorded in the system. 
Rotary International District 5360 is a member of the Volunteer Organization of Alberta and all the above-noted material has been vetted by this independent agency and complies with stringent protocols.
NEXUS and BackCheck are not acceptable for clearance as the background check involved does not search the required offender databases. However, Backcheck is available only for an interim renewal and background checks are completed within 24 hours.  BackCheck is contracted by Rotary International District 5360 to provide background checks and results are transmitted to both the applicant (you) and District Office for the updating of files. The cost of $30 is paid by the applicant.

YEAH Portal, Volunteer Application,  NAYEN Training link, Personal References
Email District Safety Officer, Karen Johnson


Volunteer Letter, CPS Application, VSS Application, Submit PDF of Record Check to
Email District Administrator, Charlene Bearden


InBound and OutBound Students, Fees, Events Schedule
Email Youth Exchange Administrator 

Contact Your Local Service
Calgary Police Service ePIC - with Volunteer letter $0
Medicine Hat Police Service - with Volunteer letter $15

Screening Program Pro Tips

* As of January 2015, Calgary Police Service Information Checks are now completed online and a paper application is no longer available. Review this video produced by CPS to aid in understanding your application process. 
** At Step 10 of the online CPS ePIC Process enter the VSPN number 4917CU0184.
*** When results of your Online Information Check are received, SHARE the results within your Police Service Account
with Rotary International District 5360 Inc.
**** Scan and EMAIL a .PDF  the results of RCMP or Police Service checks (other than Calgary Police Service) to Rotary International District 5360 Inc.