New Generations Service Exchange
The New Generations Service Exchange (NGSE)
is a short-term, customizable program
for university/college students and professionals
ages 18 - 30
Participants are fully involved in designing their international exchange that combines their professional / vocational goals with exposure to Rotary service projects and a cultural exchange.
Who should apply?
University or college students, graduates and professionals ages 18 to 30 — including current and former Rotaractors and former Interactors, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) participants, and Youth Exchange (ROTEX) students  — are encouraged to apply.
You don’t have to be a member of Rotaract or Rotary to participate in an exchange.
Participants should demonstrate a strong commitment to service and the ideals of Rotary, be interested in learning about a new culture, and have a sense of fun. 
What are the benefits?
  • Make connections with service-minded community leaders in another country
  • Learn another language or improve your language skills
  • Build your professional / vocational knowledge and skills
  • Gain international experience and contacts
  • Travel and explore a new culture while giving back through service
What is an exchange like?
With your host District NGSE, you’ll plan activities that can include professional development, humanitarian service, cultural exchange, networking, relationship building, and leadership development.
Exchanges are very flexible:
  • Can last from a few weeks to no more than six months
  • Can be arranged for individuals or groups
  • Need not be reciprocal
  • Can be completely virtual, in-person, or a combination of both
How much does it cost?
There are no financial expenditures, if done virtually.
In-person costs vary by distance and program. Participants arrange and pay for their airfare, insurance and visas, and provide their own pocket money. To reduce expenses, Rotary members provide homestay (accommodation and food), arrange no-cost, no-remuneration internships or job-shadowing programs, exposure to Rotary service projects, and transport.
How do I apply?
Contact the District New Generations Service Exchange committee for the application form.
To ask any questions you have about the NGSE:
or contact Keith Walker at or call 403-866-6465.