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We inspire local teens to make better financial decisions.

We aim to provide teens with strategies to develop a positive outlook and
competencies to control their financial future.

Looking for ways to develop...
financial skills so you better achieve financial goals and stay in control of your personal finances? 


Financial literacy is a person’s knowledge of managing money, and financial education includes the instructional material used to transfer financial knowledge.  Financial wellness, on the other hand, is the art of applying a person’s financial knowledge, skills, and behaviours (competencies) so they can live a fulfilling life. 


To have financial wellness, we need to control our finances and achieve financial goals to live a secure future...

The Road to Financial Wellness

There are several challenges many face when trying to apply their financial education;
  • They are missing financial pieces.
  • Some of the financial pieces are either too big or too small.
  • People are trying to put the pieces together without having a map or a picture to go by.
The Rotary District 5360 Adventures in Career and Financial Wellness Camp is designed to provide local youth with the financial pieces needed to live a secure economic life.    
Do you know of a youth looking for more pieces to their financial life? 
Do you know of a youth that needs help transitioning into adulthood?
Enroll them in the Adventures in Career and Financial Wellness Camp today.

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