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The Freedom Tour documents the efforts and the journey of several people with intellectual disabilities who traveled the Canadian Prairie provinces to raise awareness about people living in deplorable conditions in institutions in this country. The reason for their incarceration is simple – they have been labelled with an intellectual disability. The goal of the journey was also simple – to free our people from institutions and support them in community living.

The strength of this film lies in its message and the emotional, and often painful, stories of those who lived in institutions. The uniqueness of this film lies in the process, as it involved people labelled with an intellectual disability working behind the camera from development to the big screen. The stories they collected are crafted in this expressive and sometimes disturbing documentary.

The film presents an opportunity to raise awareness about life in an institution, and to confront the stereotypes held that, for some people, institutions are an acceptable place to live.

The film challenges Canadians to think about how we treat our citizens with intellectual disabilities.