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Simply Irresistible: Keys to Building a thriving club Kick Off, Monday May 6,

Each is at 7:30 PM

May 6, 2024     Simply Irresistible! Keys to building a thriving club. 

June 3, 2024     How to Rock the Boat without Sinking the Ship: Guiding your club through change.

July 8, 2024     Building Partnerships for Service

August 12, 2024     Ask an Expert: You’ll pick the subject(s)!

September 9, 2024     Wow! Strategies to Increase Your Club’s Impact. 

October 7, 2024     Creating a Welcoming Culture: Strategies to Expand Your Club’s Reach.

November 4, 2024     Your Club’s IQ (Irresistibility Quotient): Strategies to Enhance Participant Engagement

January 6, 2025     Oiling the Squeaky Parts: Strategies to Increase Your Club’s Ability to Adapt  

February 3, 2025     What’s in it for me? Capturing the interest of busy people.

March 3, 2025     The Continuity Challenge: Maintaining your club’s momentum for growth.

April 7, 2025     Now What? Sustaining your club’s irresistibility.

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