September is Education and Early Literacy month!

What can we do as Rotarians to focus on Education and Early Literacy?  At home, at our Club, across our District, in the world.

Online Learning/Traditional Learning/ Outside the BOX Learning

  • Online Learning – Rob Wolfson, Rotary Club of Calgary Chinook says, "Register for a My Rotary Account, by visiting"  58% of our District Rotarians are online, are You?  Interactors, Rotaractors and Rotarians are encouraged to learn and grow through this resource.
  • Start a Book Club – or a website club.  Here are a few to look at,, for Fundraising ideas, or!  Discuss what you have learned at your next Club or committee meeting.
  • Take in our Monthly District Webinar program – Register for each one NOW on our District Website!  They are informative, educational and connect you to Rotarians across our District.  This month’s webinar is on September 16th and will focus on Youth Programs with Chair Christine Rendell.

  Quick Updates from District:

  • MASKS:  Keep safe with a Rotary Mask!  These are available by contacting your Club's "Masked" Representative.  Thank you to Dale Perret of the Calgary Chinook Club who has taken on this initiative for us!  Contact her at for a club order form.
  • Our District Vulnerable People Policy is now available and is be on the District Website.  Contact Chair Doug MacDonald for more information on this valuable policy.
  • Accept the Polio Challenge!!  Learn more about the Polio Challenge from Sylvan Lake club!  Check the Events Digest for weekly updates.
  • We are looking for our next District Governor for 2023-2024.  Contact PDG, DG Nomination Chair Rick Istead, Calgary Fish Creek, for more information.
  • Remember the Calgary Foundation for easy options to issue Tax receipts for approved charitable giving. www.Calgaryfoundation.orgWatch the video.

Updates from Rotary International:

Fast Facts

  • Youth Exchange Rules Change. Check out:  Rotary Youth Exchange
  • Rotary alliance with Toastmasters has launched.  Watch the Video outlining the two organizations and their similar structure and values. 
Know the facts about our Rotary family, and dispel the myths.
Join our Myth Busters, grow your elevator speech!
Myth: Rotary is a secret society with an official creed.
TRUTH: Rotary has no secret handshake, no hat, no secret meetings and no secret rituals. It is an open society of individuals who simply believe in helping others.
Myth: Rotary is a local group
TRUTH: This is a worldwide organization of 33,000 clubs. Rotary is one of the largest and oldest service clubs in the world.
Myth: There are no EarlyAct clubs in our District.
TRUTH: Our District has 2 EarlyAct clubs, and we are very proud of them.  They are in Calgary and Lethbridge.
Myth: Rotary is exclusively a male-only organization….an old boys club.
TRUTH: Rotary started out as a men-only organization but this has changed. Women now play important leadership roles; including our incoming RI President Nominee!
Myth: You have to be older to join Rotary.
TRUTH: Absolutely not! There is no barrier to membership, join when you are able!  We welcome everyone, at any age. 
We want you, former Rotarians and not yet Rotarians to join the family of Rotary.
Myth: Owning a business is a must.
TRUTH: One does not have to own a business. It’s still a great way to network!
Myth: You have to be rich to join Rotary.
TRUTH: You need not be rich. You only need a deep desire to serve humanity!
Myth: Rotaractors age out at 30 or 40.
TRUTH: In actual fact, there is no longer an upper age for Rotaracters to leave Rotaract.  And joining a Rotary club can happen at any age.
Myth: Rotary is all about business.
TRUTH: Rotary is about service to others. We do have opportunities to network and share our professions, but we use those talents to provide service.
Rotary’s CORE values: Leadership, Fellowship, Integrity, Service, Diversity.
Open your MYROTARY account at  Change our District stats and be a part of this resource.  Take a course, print the certificate, get a gold star from your President!
Share the Rotary experience. Value service and fellowship. No longer receiving this? Believe in the product.  Perhaps transfer to a new club. Change it up!!  We need to encourage alternatives to keep Rotarians in Rotary, more clubs bring more community conversation and we grow Rotary, all good all around! Innovation occurs at the club level.  Choice is good, and choice is healthy.  Contact Cory Tretiak, Calgary West, New Clubs Chair for information.
“It’s a changing world, we must be prepared to change with it”. Paul Harris.
Stay safe, stay healthy, chat soon.
Yours in Rotary Service,
Mary Turner,
District Governor
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile