Activities and promotion are underway to share 100 years of Rotary with our community and to celebrate together as Rotarians. PLEASE READ this bulletin is to keep informed, as we share our history and announce the activities.
100th Celebration - Sign Up Now
June 9, 2018       2:00 PM
                                Family Tree Planting – no cost
                                Nicholas Sheran Park
                                To be assigned a tree you must                                     register (limited to 100 trees)
Jun 9, 2018          7:00 PM
                                Rotary Social and Celebration
                                Lethbridge Lodge
                                Cost - $20 per person includes                                    appetizers
We Need You - Join the Celebrations
We encourage each and every Rotarian to join the celebration in a personal way. Please consider sharing a brief story about a special experience that happened to you because of Rotary. You can do this in one of two ways.
  1. Send a story and related picture to Roy Pogerzelski at He will post it to the 100 Years of Rotary Facebook page.
  1. Find one of your previous Facebook posts and by way of the “Share” button copy the link and email it to Roy at This one is easy peasy!!
Here is a Teaser!
In cooperation with the City of Lethbridge, Rotary is producing a Childrens Colouring Book featuring 20 projects of the City Clubs. Here is the cover page.
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
100 Year Clothing
The second opportunity to purchase 100 Years of Rotary apparel was circulated to club presidents last week. Here is the link. Lets all look the part!!
Grade Three School Competition
Rotary is sponsoring a competition on Service hours for grade three classes in participating schools in the city. Despite getting School district approval there has been limited participation from the schools. The winning school gets a day at Henderson Lake Pool and pizza. If you have a son, daughter or grandchild in grade three please ask if the school is participating.
For more information email Kim Davis