District Conference 2021 – It’s a Wrap!
Thank You, two small words which make the world of difference. 
To the core conference committee, chaired by Graham Drake, Rotary Club of Heritage Park, Thank You.  To the team, Program (Brad Sewell), Technology (Brian Carnahan), Marketing (Kathryn Breaker), Sponsorship (Harvey Maskowitz), Finance (David Townsend), Youth (Kamil Kanji), Administration & Registration (Charlene Bearden) – Thank You.
I'm also very pleased to thank attendees for a contribution to the Canadian Mental Health Association of $11,135.00!  WOW – so very generous, in this time of Mental Health challenge this is a great support to the work being done to get all of us the support we need.
For each of you who attended a District Conference for the very first time, and for the EarlyActers, InterActers, and RotarActers  – Thank You.
For the two MCs, for the Youth Panel, for the 40 Breakout session Table Leads, for the Tech Team, for the close to 400 registrations – Thank You!
The Navigating a New World Conference is available for viewing, either for the first time or to relive some great moments!  Check it out on the District YouTube Channel:  Click to view
Club Leadership Training – Session #3: May 29, am, and June 2, pm
Here is an opportunity to register and participate in one of these two workshops that features interactive sessions on membership, communications & public image and the Rotary Foundation. This workshop is open to all Rotarians, RotarActors and InterActors in our District. It still remains our hope that each club will send a minimum of 4 people to CLT #3 to a session that works best for them. Register now for one of these two sessions through the Calander on the District Website, and don’t be disappointed!
Project Fair June 9th, from 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Rob Wolfson, Rotary Club of Calgary Chinook is leading this evening of sharing.  This will be similar to a District Conference House of Friendship.  Breakout sessions will be established for folks to drop in and hear about different projects.  Choose and rank your breakout sessions in advance when you register, so take a look at the District Website. 
Come and learn more about how your passion for service may be fulfilled.  Register through the District Website.   
Taipei International Rotary Convention: June 12-16, 2021
So, we are not jumping on the next Dreamliner to Taipei, unfortunately. However, we do have the opportunity to jump on the zoom link to hear amazing presentations as our Rotary Year celebrates our global impact.
Register through Rotary International,
Welcome our new RI President Shekar Mehta, and bid auf wiedersehen to our current Rotary president Holger Knaack.
Final Webinars of the Rotary Year: May 19th – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Survey conversation, and June 16th – Celebration Social.
Remember when we all participated in the District survey regarding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, now is our opportunity to learn more about our District membership. 
As Dr. Todd reminds us, Diversity is both the visible and invisible differences we have.
Equity means that everyone has a shoe that fits them, and Inclusion begins with “I”.  A Core value of Rotary International, by honouring our past and embracing our future, we can evolve and keep Rotary relevant and thriving.
Covid-19 – A new analogy.
I was out on Mother’s Day for a walk in the Edmonton River Valley with our daughter when she retold her new version of the Covid-19 situation which we are all in – kind of brings a new perspective.
So, here we are on a Dreamliner destined for a faraway destination, we have watched all the movies, eaten the food provided, we have talked and visited with the people in our row, and gone for short walks, only to be redirected back to our seats.  You look, once again at your watch to find that you are still only 6 hours from arrival at the destination.  
Happy Landings everyone, enjoy your flight!!  Perhaps, I will have the popcorn with the next movie😊
Yours in Rotary Service,


Mary Turner
District Governor
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile