People of Action is a collection of stories of the incredible things that Rotarians across District 5360 are doing in the community and across the globe.  


Hello, and welcome to Rotary in our District, District 5360.
July in Rotary is New Leadership month, as I mentioned in the first of the month’s video presentation.  July 1st is the beginning of the New Rotary Year when changes in leadership throughout Rotary take place.  We have a new Rotary International President, Holger Knaack, we have a New District Governor, myself, and Clubs have New Club Presidents.  Generally, these terms are for one year. However, some clubs choose to hold on to their presidents for two years.  It is time for learning.  Learning about new roles, about new processes and learning about resources to help us on the journey this year.  Enrol in and take an online Rotary course.
Now is the time to reflect on the year before and chart a course for the year ahead.  Then, take an inventory and determine what new skills and resources you will need to be successful in achieving your goals.  As a manager, I am always thinking about the ways that I can set staff up for success.  Rotary is no different.  The neat thing is that others have gone before us and have best practices that we can learn.  
Setting someone up for success requires giving them the right tools they need for the job.  A successful public speaker needs a message to share, and an incredible idea needs a way to grow through connections to markets.  We come to the table with a fantastic capacity to serve, that is why we are Rotarians, yet sometimes we get stuck because we don’t have the complete package to make a dream come to reality, or even be a part of a conversation.  Rotary leaders don’t need a role to lead; they need passion and presence.  It is our job as Rotarians to provide a safe and non-threatening space for passion to be heard and actioned.  Young leaders and seasoned leaders alike need to be welcome at the table.  They bring ideas and history, which help ensure the steps to success.  Make a space for them, and actively listen. 
Yes, we are not following the traditional roads of last year, and other Rotary years, we are setting our compass for a slightly different course to arrive at our destination.
Looking back from time to time helps us know where we have been and gives us the history to avoid the pitfalls, but that is it.  Use your rearview mirror only to chart a successful course.  Lean in and slowly put on the gas; the future is bright with you behind the wheel.  Oh, and remember to pack your mask, hand sanitizer, and wipes for those public stops along the way! 
My mom had a small message board outside her room in the senior’s facility where she lived.  Every day she would find a quote which she liked and carefully place the letters on her felt message board to share with residents, staff and visitors alike.  She had a couple of sticky notes on her favourites, and this one seems appropriate for today,
“It’s time to start living the life you’ve imagined,” Henry James.
So, be BOLD in your Dreams, engage your Rotary family, and don’t put off to tomorrow what can be done today.
  Some quick Updates from District:
  • Passport Program WE HAVE A WINNER!!  Congratulations to Bill Bartley of Canmore.  Bill will have $100.00 donated to the Rotary Foundation in his name towards a Paul Harris.  Bill toured all over the world, attending many different clubs.  A true Globetrotter and experienced Rotary Traveller!  Well done!
  • District Governor Club Visits and Board meetings have started with thanks to Brian Carnahan for organizing them all. Special thanks also to the AGs and DG stream for also attending as they are able, and keeping notes for RI reports.
  • District Board Orientation will take place on July 25th for all current District Board members.  This critical meeting will serve better to understand roles and expectations for the year ahead.
  • Volunteer Connector to help match volunteers with service opportunities.  Check them out for yourself and your club.
  • The Calgary Foundation for secure options to issue Tax receipts for approved charitable giving.
Updates from Rotary International including these fast facts:
  • COVID-19 projects have attracted $19 million US dollars worldwide through the Rotary Foundation and DDF funding.
  • 18 million US dollars have been awarded to Environmental projects worldwide over the last five years, which has provided the direction for Rotary International to introduce the 7th Area of Focus; the Environment. Donations to this Area of Focus will be available starting July 2021.
  • POLO Update – Vaccinations will start again in Pakistan at the end of July 2020.  The Canadian Government has recently signed an additional 4 years of support, dedicating $47.5 million to the End Game Strategy Alliance in support of the GABY vaccine program.
  • Rotary Alliance with Toastmasters has launched. Here is an opportunity to learn through Rotary’s partnership with Toastmasters! CLICK HERE.  Both organizations are encouraging members to visit neighbouring clubs to learn from each other.  Visit a club this month, introduce yourself as a Rotarian, and become a new friend. With a new liaison, and a unique opportunity to grow your skillset and perhaps grow Rotary too, because when you attend, you will want to invite someone to your club also!
Stay safe, stay healthy, chat soon.
Yours in Rotary Service,

Mary Turner
Rotary International District 5360 DG
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile