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Friendship Dinner, Fri Nov 3, Stettler

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Relief Efforts for Mexico, Sun Non 26, Calgary  

The Rotary Community Corps' next meeting is Sunday, November 26

Meet at the Ikea cafeteria Glenmore & Deerfoot at 9:30am to 11:00am and we would be pleased if other Rotarians with an interest in Mexico can join us. There is a lot of work to do and more hands make it go faster.  The RCC has the aunts, cousins, and sisters etc of family members invested in doing something purposefully and with MOTIVATION!. 
Check out this link of photos from the Oaxaca September 19 Quake.
People are afraid to be walking down the street as buildings keep crashing down without warning. There have been two subsequent aftershocks to date at 4.2 and 5.6 plus heavy rains. The Rotarians in Puebla have teamed up the Offroad Jeep Club there to get supplies into rural areas that have been affected. The government has been no help- they are blocking aid shipments out of Mexico City on the basis they need the stuff there and/or stealing it to use as “give-aways” to buy votes in the upcoming election.  All the news is centred on Mexico City because the news crews can’t/won’t or don’t want to go outside of the City. 
The thing we’ll need to find down the road is a couple of Clubs that aren’t going to use their CIP allocation or aren’t applying for DDF Type A or would support us with a Type C DDF.  We are focusing on the Rotary Districts that encompass the States of Puebla and Morelos just south of Mexico City, and Oaxaca, which is in a different District and being more remote hasn’t received any government aid whatsoever.
Rotary Mexico is working hard and has sent 500 tons of supplies into Oaxaca. 
Juchitan is the city most damaged as are the villages in the rural areas around it.
High River Rotary's project piggy bank “flash cash” project raised $6,225.75 which is on its way to aid Rotarians to buy relief supplies in Mexico and get them delivered. The RCC will be looking into what we can be doing long term to restore infrastructure and economies.  At the moment there are two possible Global Grants.
Contact Wally Gardinar for more information
403-652-3816 or by Email ​​​​​​
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RLI Module 2, Sat Nov 4, Calgary
Community Hubs Presentation, Tue Nov 7, Calgary
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Community Hubs Food Bank Training, Fri Nov 17, Calgary
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Environmental Sustainability and Peace Conference

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