Here are some tips to help you get started:

Start planning early

The Rotary Youth Exchange program is highly selective, so start planning as soon as possible. For long-term exchanges (LTEP), apply in May- mid-November for exchanges beginning the following August.  All District 5360 exchanges begin during the summer; For example, if you wish to travel when you’re in 11th grade, you should apply in May - November  of your 9th - 10th-grade year. The reason for the early deadlines? Our sponsor Rotary clubs and district has an extensive selection and orientation process, which helps us identify the best candidates and prepare you well for your time as Youth Exchange students.

    Timelines for Outbound Candidates:

    • Pre-Exchange:  applications accepted May/June to November 20th
    • Pre-Exchange:  Initial Interviews December 1 – 15 by Sponsoring Clubs
    • Pre-Exchange:  Selection of Candidates December 16 – 20, by Sponsoring Clubs
    • Pre-Exchange:  Initial Paperwork – December 20 - January 20, 
    • Pre-Exchange:  Orientation and Second Interviews by District Committee – January/February 
    • Pre-Exchange:  Additional Orientations and Visa paperwork March – May
    • Exchange:  Departure August 2022 - return June/July following year
    • Exchange:  Quarterly student reports expected on time, and regular communication with your sponsoring Club
    • Post-Exchange:  Re-Entry June 2023
    • Post-Exchange:  Debrief and Reverse Culture Shock learnings – August - summer of return
    • Post-Exchange:  Final debrief and assistance preparing next group of Outbound Candidates - Spring following your exchange year


    • students must attend school regularly, even if they have already graduated
    • independent travel is not permitted, travel with Rotary, host families only
    • no tolerance for breaking the laws of the country
    • students must attend all orientation sessions and complete all homework tasks assigned


    • Students must purchase changeable round-trip tickets with the most direct route.  This type of ticket facilitates an emergency return home if required.
    • Departure will be from Calgary, Alberta and your Host Country will provide your destination City/Airport. 
    • Students must travel directly to, and from, their destination.  There is no ability to add a trip to the beginning or end of the exchange. 
    • Friends are not allowed to visit in most cases, and Parents / Guardians can generally only visit the last 2-3 months of your exchange.
    Most exchanges end the year with a trip, Euro - Tour, Brazilian Amazon Tour, or others.  These trips are at your expense, best to start budgeting early.


    The program is completely administered by Rotary club members, keeping program expenses low. Rotary Clubs in the host country are responsible for school tuition, accommodation and food, and a modest monthly allowance (generally around $100 / month), a value of approximately $24,000.  Students and their parents or guardians are expected to cover an estimated $7,000-$10,000 expenses which include:
    • Round-trip airfare
    • Rotary approved travel insurance that includes medical, accident, and illness coverage and meets the requirements of the host and sponsor clubs and districts.
    • All travel documents, such as passports and visas
    • Spending money (over and above the monthly allowance provided by the host Rotary club), ancillary travel, and tours
    • Language camp (in some host countries) or other cultural orientation sessions
    • Emergency fund for unexpected expenses during the year
    • Discretionary travel or optional country tours
     In additional there is  $2500 in Administration fees to be be paid to Rotary, which covers orientations, blazers and crests, language courses and general administration of the program.


    District 5360 exchanges with approximately 12 - 20 Rotary Districts in a number of countries worldwide.  These countries can be in Europe and South America, with a few in Asia, depending on the year.  Countries are selected for their stability and degree of concern about the welfare and safety of our students abroad.  The District Exchange Committee will make every effort to place our students in a country on their preference list.