The Rotary Club of Cochrane invites you to Putt for Polio -Sept. 19

KILOMETRES Our Move for Polio goal is the equivalent of 100,000kms. 
  • To track kms – please use whatever method works best for your club members and you. There are lots of apps, and many members can track on their watches. If you wish to use the activity conversion spreadsheet – it tracks steps based on minutes and the easiest way to convert steps into kms is to divide by 1,000. (conversion spreadsheet attached)
  • If you would please update your club's KMS on the spreadsheet provided by Charlene. We currently have approx. 16,000km showing based on 5 clubs' input. The link is  - ​xlsx icon 2023 MFP Kms.xlsx
Thanks again – our initiative will wind up on November 1/23 so there’s lots of time for fall activity & fellowship.
Please encourage your members to participate – it’s never too late to join and kms can be” grandfathered” from July 1/23.