I am really excited about our upcoming November Networking Night as we will focus on attracting new members.
We are going on the road once again to The Cat 'N Fiddle Pub on 540 - 16th Ave NW.  We will have our regular networking night where anyone is welcome to provide a business or Rotary update but then the program will be focused on our potential new member prospects. 
The date is Thursday, Nov 28th from 5:30 - 7:00/15.  The Cat 'N Fiddle then has pub trivia and Name That Tune for those wanting to stick around for more fun and fellowship.  You are responsible for your own food and beverage.
If you have anyone in your network that you have been wanting to ask to be a member please invite them to this event. 
I am going to have the full spectrum of members to take 5 - 7 minutes each to tell their Rotary story, why they are Rotarians and what the enjoy most.
The Rookie - Francis Akinnouye - Calgary Chinook
The Veteran - Jane Audet - Calgary East
The Incoming DG - Mary Turner
Please reply via email if you can attend and if you have any guests.
Yours in Rotary
Robert Wolfson
RSVP via:
Cell (403) 560-6471 or email